Sunday, 28 December 2014

More sunlight

Finally, we have a computer again (a christmas present to ourselves). I have big dreams for this space next year, but for now some lazy photographs from Christmas. Family portraits. Forever lounging around, basking in the glow of sunny spots.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Evening light

My true loves playing, lit in the evening sun.

What a joy to have Liam home early from work on Tuesday.
We sit and play, talking about our day, Queenie providing us with plates of pancakes, soup and plenty of tea. She sure loves this kitchen and uses it much more than any other toy. We are taking note of what she actually spends time playing with and being mindful of that when buying her and Jarvis their christmas presents this year.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

I forgot where we were

A print by Eilidh Gordon, bought at Indias degree show in August. / An unfinished drawing of the all-encasing night sky.

An Ode to Ben Howard's second album.

We drive through the dark, all is still and the music plays, those deep and mystical tones of 'I Forgot Where We Were'.

We stop so I can feed the boy who stirs with a mix of hunger and teething pains. The music plays on and outside is crisp and as black as pitch. And in the blackness, scattered so densely, are the stars. Never have there felt so many. Liam hears queenie wake and wraps her up tight in a duvet before pulling her out to share this moment with him. Together they are lit by a passing car, looking up at this low incasing sky.
"Let me show you something. Look up, see the sky. Look at all those beautiful stars."
"We go to sleep on those stars."
The music still plays on and she holds him tighter.
"We go home now."
"Yeah" he replies and slips her back into her seat.

Back on the road we restart the track, soothing Jarvis' tears into slumber.
This beautiful drive where few words are spoken but after a long and draining week we are drawn back together in the silence. By music, nature and the shared love of two babies, our babies, so perfect and content in their unconscious state.

"Found sorrow 
in my mind most times 
gave it all back to the life i led
but since times changed
it all rolls away
I've got a woman at home
she treats me well"

Emotions are heavy, we are greiving and have just left a week of loving family. This music enchants, soothes and relinquishes us from discussion, so we can rest our weary brains.

I slip into slumber, praying to be a woman that treats him well.

A journey between the stars, October 2014.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Yesterday we were inspired to make something special. I pulled out age old collections of stamps, sequins and unearthed the deepest layers of my flower press. Together we found some real treasures and made these jars. 2-dimensional wonders can be trapped between two layers of PVA.  The first two jars are mine but the others are Queenie's, and quite frankly hers are fantastic, a class above mine.
She's a true wonder that girl of ours.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Josh and India

Setting up the wedding reception and picking the flowers
 The few pictures I remembered to take during my sisters wedding day.

Oh blimey. We made it through the long, busy-yet-beautiful summer and hit hard into autumn. This cooler season has come at a perfect time. Our bodies and brains are exhausted and we are crashing into hibernation mode, surrendering to our aching bones. I've spent a few days rejigging bedrooms to be more comfortable and spacious, as these are the spaces we tend to all be in on a chilled afternoon at home. All snuggled into our bed with piles of books, or building blanket forts with Queenie in her room, before collapsing underneath them with stickers, pens and paper.
Thick socks and multiple layers are a must as well as the hearty meals cooking on the stove. Root vegetables and pulses are soaked in rich spices and piled high on brown rice. Food is voluptuous and helpings are generous. Every last morsel soaked up with bread, we are like wild things, famished. But why so weary, why so utterly spent?

I'm not completely sure. I know the change of any season takes it's toll, and perhaps that from summer to autumn the worst of all. Our summer months were hectic and flew by like a blink, then September was fit to burst. We celebrated three of the best couples coming together in love, in Saturday after Saturday after Saturday. The weddings were all so unique and special. The second was my sister India marrying one of our closest friends, Josh. Liam was best man and Queenie and I bridesmaids. It was an incredible wedding that we'd all worked so hard for and it was absolutely perfect. We ate fantastic food and we danced to a band of old boys playing jazz until the bride and groom waved goodbye and drove away to the hazy world of marital bliss. Liam and I looked upon the love birds and wept with genuine love, happiness and excitement.

And the next day we crashed and wept again with exhaustion. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

that darn 52 project

I got to a point where I had to set a reminder on my phone every Sunday, to do the 52 project blog post. Then I set it on snooze, over and over. It was a weight and I felt as though all I did on the blog was try and catch up.
I enjoyed the outcome of the first year, having a beautiful book with 52 photos of Queenie printed at Artifact Uprising. But there was no reason that we can't continue that without boring you all to death with pictures of my babies.

And so with that, I decided to call it a day, and boy, it feels good! So I am back, sans 52!


Towards the end of July, we spent a week with Liam's family camping on the Jurassic coast. One day we walked through an abandoned village, a sweet little woodland, a tank training area, and got to two incredibly beautiful, quiet beaches.

The soft greys, blues and whites of this place calmed me. Liam and Jarvis fell asleep so Queenie and I explored, gathered and built.

At some point of every day since I've wanted to go back here.

Sunday, 6 July 2014


5th June 2014
Scarlett's 16th birthday.

I love watching her grow. Anticipating the future, the adventures we will be able to share now she's finished school forever.