Thursday, 2 April 2015


Learning to share is an ongoing process.

Once a week we walk to the library and get a bundle of new books, storys for Queenie, a few board ones for Jarvis and I like to pick out a cookery or gardening book to flick through during a quiet tea break.

In the mornings, we pull open the blind and read in bed. Jarvis pours over board books while I just snooze. Queenie joins us at some point with sleepy eyes and an armful of library books, her hair fluffy. I made a decision that instead of turning on my phone or just slobbing out, I would use this time to get back into reading too. And oh my, it's blissful. 

Some nights I fall asleep reading, then next morning try and find at which part I'd slipped away. I am quickly working through People Of The Book, a beautiful story I started last summer then found it hard to keep reading once the holiday was over. It feels wonderfully indulgent to lie in a crisp bed, losing myself in a story. These small pleasures can start a day right.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Snippets of our new house

One month of calling this house our home.

Surrounding ourself with family and memories. Tiny trinkets gathered over the last six years are given little spaces to dwell.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Friday's pot of tea

I'm on the top step on our stairs and have set up a little painting area in the corridor. We've had the day out and the children are playing happily in Queenie's bedroom with trains. We haven't got a stairgate built in yet so I'm guarding the stairs from jarvis and yet giving them their own space to play. If I stretch my neck up I can see the river, the boats all beautifully waiting for their next adventure. The sun is golden and brightly glowing for its last hour before slipping behind the hill. I've got a small bowl of the lentil rice I made last night that I'm slowly working through and a cup of lemon tea. Poured from the most perfect little teapot I purchased with the last of some money I was given for my birthday. 
I'm buzzing to create after an eventful, inspiring day and so I've pulled out my sketch book and a rather beaten up set of watercolours. I have just dipped my paintbrush into the dregs of tea. Every time! 

The teapot was purchased at my new favourite shop. A wee space in a cobbled courtyard called Folklore. I've been dying to go in since we've moved but it hasn't been open. After sending an email we walked over today. Hannah, who runs it is kind and interesting and interested. She is real talented and after pouring over her beautiful ceramics, falling in love with each piece. I eventually chose this teapot. We carefully carry it home. Jarvis sleeps and Queenie chatters about her plans for a birthday party. Dark chocolate cake, doggies, green flowers and oh dear: pink. And she wants her daddy to be there. She asks for one of Hannah's 'white cups' as a present, beautiful porcelain dreams. Or maybe a bike like her new friend from next door has. 
We make it to our road and she is finished. It's too cold and she can't take another step. I bribe her with tea and one piece of my birthday chocolate. With screams of delight she runs home!  
We pop on the kettle and unwrap the teapot. With a small square of dark chocolate we sip our tea and it's the best cup ever. I pour my girl another tiny cup from the pot and we sit quietly, admiring it and mmmming at our sweet treat. 
Now the sun is almost gone, Queenie's oggling the sunset beside me and I'm going to finish my painting before a simple dinner just the three of us. 

(An afterthought/ note: I'm aware I may be a little sickeningly happy these last few posts. God is good and after an uphill struggle we arrived and stood looking out at a beautiful view with the sun on our backs. But to make you feel a little better, moments after I wrote this, we had little fire while cooking, so the kitchen stinks of burnt plastic and the cupboards are blackened. Jarvis is up every hour or more overnight. We are so, so tired. And I'm off instagram for lent, I hate to admit it but I'm so missing it! I aim to share honestly, including the good and the bad. Those bad things are minor right now but its ever changing.)

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Carrot and raisin

I baked this beautiful soda bread last week and it was so flipping delicious. It didn't last long.

We are unpacked. There's still have a few more boxes of donations to drop off at the charity shops, a wardrobe to finish building and a fair few shelves to put up, but this house is feeling like ours.

Yesterday I turned 25. I walked the short walk into town with Jarvis in the morning, and looking out across the water, thought how happy and grateful I was to be spending it in this town. We're already home in a way we never felt in Newquay. We know God's done a lot of work in us while we have waited, but it sure is wonderful to be where our heart is. Liam and I went out for dinner just the two of us -the second time in a week!- and it was blissful to walk the cobbled streets, hand in hand, giddy like the teenagers we were when we first fell for each other.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The move

This sweet trio wave us off as we leave to collect the keys of the new home, car laden with house plants / Plants in, keys collected, and admiring the wooden floors / A quiet moment after the chaotic move.

Thoughts on a move from a journal page, reread a week later:

I lie in bed tucked up beside me is a sleeping boy, lips pouted, eyes flickering with dreams. As I watch him, I am happy. 
We are here. After four days of tiresome, unrelenting hard work, we are in our new home in Falmouth. I can hear Queenie's feet pattering up and down the stairs outside as she plays with her grandma. Liam left for work not long after the sun came up, I'd been downstairs to wave him off on his first day, then crept back up with toasted hot crust bun and orange juice. 

He stirs a little, rolling over in the big bed. I'm struck by his peacefulness, the calm After the storm.

The move was difficult. I had a week of chronic toothache resulting in having my wisdom tooth pulled out on Monday. The children still weren't completely well and the confusion of moving house wobbled them both back into sickness. Queenie resented having to return to the old house to clean up, so thrilled that we have moved to beautiful Fal.
Together we keep running to the window to see the river and boats out the window, as if checking we didn't imagine the glorious view.
While chattering away to my mum she says "when it's dark and the moons out, and we look out the window. The boats have lights on them." I think how her speech has improved and how she is going to grow in this new home. 

Jarvis is awake now, he clumsily crawls over to me for a kiss and I have to be quick before he bites my lip. The day had begun and there is so much to do. 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love of course


Here are a few cards I made for a friends pop up art fair a few weeks ago. We had a stall and made loads of crappy (and some good) cards to earn little pennies, and quench our thirst for ginger beer on tap! These folded valentines were inspired by that which John Keats gave Fanny Brawne in Bright Star (and possibly in real life, I just never delved deeper). I like them.

But the card is was fondest of I made last minute and was sold first so I didn't take a photograph. A curvy lady with the words LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE, I SURE DO.

Ladies, gentlemen, lets give a little more love this valentine, to lovers, family, friends, and to yourself! Put on your favourite dress, try a fancy hair do, make the most wonderful indulgent chocolate pudding, and do it to make yourself feel a little brighter*. Because you're bloody brilliant.

*maybe doing it because you want to spoil the one(s) you love is pretty swell too.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A change

11 . 2 . 15

This morning.
We are incredibly languid for the state we are in. Hardly packed and moving in just over a week. The cold makes us lie in late, pouring over books and cuddling. We procrastinate,  holding no confidence in ourselves, how are we ever going to do it, get everything ready in time to move?

I eventually crawl out of bed and pull on as many clothes as I can bear. While Liam reads the babies stories, I decide to tackle the unusual paraphernalia found on our bedroom windowsill. Football trophies, wooden pots of jewellery I detest but can't bear to part with JUST incase Queenie wants them to adorn future costumes. Then perched among the dusty books, I find this old friend. A bird I most likely illegally acquired while in college, he's travelled with us from house to house. It breaks my heart to say he won't join us on our move onto the next one. His eyes have shrivelled, his beaks yellowed, foot broken, the tail is hanging on by a thread, and his feathers are laying about the windowsill. He is irrefutably disgusting, and Liam has decided its time for goodbye. Bitterly, I agree.

When we do finally get round to packing, the children unpack as we turn our backs. We stop far too often for coffee and food breaks. We run out of boxes and realise the packing tape has also gone. We really are the worst at moving house. As we 'work', my thoughts go back to this funny old bird, I persuade myself to delve him out of the rubbish, I could do this or that to restore him, or work this and he would remain the current state, no longer slipping into disrepair (ok, lets face it, he's reached that, but my mind won't stop battling).

A little later into the afternoon, as if wound up by little keys slotting into gaps in our spines, we have a flurry of energy, of activity, finally it feels like we are making progress. We wrap and pack, tidy and let go, boxes pile up in the hallway. The rooms feel bare. Queenie's a caged animal, turned stir crazy among cardboard, her singing echoes in the empty spaces we have previously called home. Jarvis sleeps unbelievably long into the early evening and I begin to cook soup, distracted with more purging I could do to unused, dusty cooking items.

Chanted loudly in our every being is a new phrase, 'We can do it.'

Friday, 6 February 2015


Snippets of the year so far: A white shelf, reflecting a brief snowfall this week / He cheers me up while I fold endless washing / Capturing this home before we begin packing / Little boxes packed with her favourite things

It's early January
We write promises, plans and dreams, talk about our hopes for the following year. Little things, big things, things that are scary and a few treats for good measure.

Within a few weeks our biggest came to fruition. God planted the beautiful town of Falmouth as a seed in our hearts years ago, before our marriage had begun. He's been watering it, the love for that place growing, and with it so had we. The wait has been tough, our hearts have ached and we have wept but we see now, as always Gods timing was perfect. And finally, our time is now. With a big sigh of relief we smile, and feel as if we are going home. In just over two weeks we will be loading up cars and a van with boxes, bags, (and at this rate) pillow cases stuffed with our possessions to embark on the next adventure our little family will share.
Last month flew by and then the first six days of this have also. Its been exhausting and tough and all we've wanted to do is take a long trip to a warmer place! But to have this on our horizon is a joy, a weight is lifted from our shoulders, a hope at the end of the exhuastion of day to day jobs and the cold weather and everything else that leaves us feeling sour and blue at this time of year. 

This post on the ever inspiring blog, the Ma Books hit me and encouraged me at a day I couldn't have needed it more.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

More sunlight

Finally, we have a computer again (a christmas present to ourselves). I have big dreams for this space next year, but for now some lazy photographs from Christmas. Family portraits. Forever lounging around, basking in the glow of sunny spots.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Evening light

My true loves playing, lit in the evening sun.

What a joy to have Liam home early from work on Tuesday.
We sit and play, talking about our day, Queenie providing us with plates of pancakes, soup and plenty of tea. She sure loves this kitchen and uses it much more than any other toy. We are taking note of what she actually spends time playing with and being mindful of that when buying her and Jarvis their christmas presents this year.